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Lead Story. February 26, 2001 

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Bash and Boot

Its 10:45pm , I’m halfway to a ‘perfect low’ and Hank is bashing the table with a Louisville Slugger.  He had pulled it out from the umbrella stand a moment earlier without breaking his verbal tirade about some point or another and punctuated his assertion with a symbolic yet forceful bump to the felt.  The noise seemed to please him and his attention shifted from the modest combustion of verbal combat to the pure distilled chaos of bats and heavy furniture.  He struck the table repeatedly with more force and glee each time.  Chip stacks fell and scattered and slid off the felt. Drinks were hastily lifted and clutched securely as players distanced themselves from the staccato rhythms of Hank’s frothing brutality.  “Better let him work through this,” we all thought as he struck blow after blow. 


7/2/2002 -- Gorg hosts, another scramble for players with Koneo, Hank, and Chowhound out on the holiday shortened week. Dano even played.  Edict starts the night off with a spill.  Edict brings a "New Guy" who filled in for the missing and the lost.  Lymie claims he had the perfect low when he was neither perfect or low, but he argued and scrutinized for minutes as if to "will it into being."  Dano plays "Follow the Queen' and deals himself 2 queens twice.  Lyons quote of the night: "Best fuckin' I ever did was in front of a fan."    Lyons again provides comedy relief when he insisted Edict beat Feltman's low with a "6-5-2."  

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Special Report:

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Moonlight Model

a Koneo special report:

The one requirement for attending Tuesday Night Poker is that you have a little extra cash in your pocket to gamble with. In trying economic times such as we have today, it has been a proud TNP tradition for players to sometime take on "moonlighting jobs" to help supplement their incomes and raise the pin money they need to play.

San Fran Seth to have 'Wild Bachelor Party.'

With a bold stroke of genius and desperation, a Bachelor Party is in the works for the decidedly un-married San Fran Seth.  A surprise only to the guest of honor who is not presently engaged, the improptu fete is being planned in response to the alarmingly monogamous climate the game has been experiencing since Edict, Redcard, Feltman, & Koneo have all been married off in the last 2 years or so.  "Bachelor parties are more important now than ever before," Koneo stated, "and goddamit Seth's a bachelor--he should have a party!"  

Details to follow soon.....

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“It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.”

- Emerson


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